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Cash Management Services

Let us help manage your business cash.

Western Bank, a Division of American National Bank, offers a number of business products and services, beyond traditional checking and savings, that can help make banking with us more convenient. Below you will find an overview of Western Bank's suite of cash management services for businesses. For more detailed information about our business cash management services, please visit our Cash Management User Guide (PDF).

We can also assist you if you contact Customer Service or call (651) 290-8176.

ACH Origination

Manage your payroll, collections, payments, receipts and more with Western Bank's ACH origination. In addition to accessing all of our online banking services, you can:

  • Reconcile activity uploads
  • Create common ACH transactions
  • Utilize the Electronic Federal Tax Payment Service (EFTPS)
  • Utilize the Electronic Minnesota State Tax Payment Service
  • Establish recurring ACHs
  • Conduct mobile authorizations


Instruct your customers to send their payments to Western Bank's post office box, and your deposits arrive at the bank more quickly and with less effort on your part. Western will make the deposit and send you the deposit information by mail or fax. An attractive option for high-volume, non-cash deposits.

Remote Deposit

Deposit checks at the bank electronically from your desk - save time and money! Western Bank's remote deposit product is a secure, easy-to-install, simple-to-use and convenient service that allows business customers to electronically deposit checks at the bank without leaving their place of business. There are many benefits:

  • Transactions can be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Accelerated clearings and improved availability of funds means improved cash flow.
  • Faster, streamlined processing reduces fraud and posting errors, improves collections and decreases charge backs.
  • Single sign on to remote deposit capture when you use ACH services.
  • Significant cost savings can be experienced through fewer trips to the bank by a courier or employee, fewer NSFs, and through the reduced time spent reconciling and managing accounts. Your banker will help determine if this is a cost effective product for your business.

Positive Pay with ACH Fraud Filter

Lose fewer dollars to fraud. Western Bank's positive pay helps intercept fraudulent checks before they clear your accounts.

Wire Transfer

Send or receive money fast - it's easy! Whether you need to use an incoming domestic or international wire transfer, or an outgoing domestic or international wire transfer, Western Bank can assist you. As with all our services, we use the utmost precautions to protect your privacy. We offer online wire origination as well as regular wire transfers.

Merchant Credit Card Processing

Credit card acceptance at your business will benefit you by:

  • Meeting the needs of customers who want to make credit card purchases.
  • Receiving credit card payments in your account more quickly than check payments - generally the next day.
  • Avoiding bad check losses.
Credit cards accepted include VISA, Discover and MasterCard. Additional acceptance for American Express, Carte Blanche, and Diners Club can be processed utilizing your merchant account once it is set up.

Business Debit Card

Now you can buy whatever you need for your business without using cash or that bulky business checkbook. Simply present your Business Debit Card, sign the receipt, and the purchase amount is deducted from your business checking account. This card:

  • Is as easy to use as a credit card, without building debt.
  • 24-hour account access.
  • Lets you check balances, make deposits, transfer funds, or get cash at any MoneyPass, Cirrus, Plus and MasterCard ATMs around the world.
  • Provides a detailed listing of each transaction on your monthly business checking statement.
  • Provides additional cards for employees you authorize - all purchases summarized on one easy statement.

Business Credit Cards

Having your own Business Rewards Card can give you an edge. These credit cards come with a variety of important business features including award-winning expense management tools, free employee cards and added security benefits. Credit cards provide the following advantages:

  • Improves cash flow by leaving time before your payment is due.
  • Streamlines your accounts payable. You'll write just one check a month and have a complete record of your transactions.
  • Simplifies your bookkeeping by having all the records you need for tax filing, audits, and expense management in one place.
  • Tracks employee expenses in One Easy Statement for up to twenty card members.

Deposit-Only ATM Cards

Deposit up to 12 checks a time at conveniently located non-bank ATMs, if you qualify. Works best for low volume, non-cash depositors. Cash deposits are not accepted.

To learn more about our business cash management services, please contact us.