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Attention Internet Banking Users!

Effective mid-December 2006, Western Bank is adding a new security feature to Internet Banking called PassMark. This new security solution provides multi factor authentication technology that requires customers to identify themselves in more than one way. Authentication methods that depend on more than one factor are more difficult to compromise than the traditional single factor methods, making the multi factor method a stronger fraud deterrent.

PassMark helps confirm a customer's identification when signing into Western's online banking service through computer identification and through a two-way authentication process involving picture recognition. Don't let the cute pictures you get to choose from through PassMark fool you. You're looking at the latest generation of security.

Here is how it works. You pick an image called a PassMark and a phrase that represents you. You'll know when you're logged on to our Internet Banking site versus a fake site made to look like ours, when you see your unique picture and phrase on our site. The new security feature also provides you added safety by helping us to identify you and to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts. Security just got a whole lot friendlier.

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