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Item Imaging Has Arrived

Letter from the President

Dear Customers:

Well, it is here! What once seemed very futuristic is now a reality at Western Bank. The time has come where we will soon be able to view document images online, receive check images in our statements, conduct item imaging and document imaging and more fully automate our processes. But "How does it all work?" and "What exactly can imaging do?" may be the questions on many of your minds. Hopefully this article will serve to give you an overview.

Soon we will be rolling out more and more imaging. Some of this new technology will be visible to our customers, some of it won't. What does this mean for you? Improved customer service. Employees will be able to send and retrieve documents in seconds without time-consuming phone requests, searches and callbacks, right from their workstations. Two or more employees will be able to work with the same document at the same time, since nothing but perfect copies of the original ever leave the database. Documents will be right at our employees' fingertips online, versus having to manually pull them out of files. Customer Service Representatives and Research Staff will have the ability to respond more quickly to routine customer inquiries, legal research, tax searches and exception item processing. Errors in the filing of documents will be eliminated since indexing is required at entry and everyone has access to the same database.

Some of the enhancements mentioned above will become available over the next couple of months. The rest of the enhancements will be coming over the course of next year. Beginning in November you will reap some of the benefits of imaging. Images of checks and deposit slips will be taking the place of the paper items in your monthly statements. Each month you will receive images of your cancelled checks in check number order on standard 8 1/2 x 11" statement paper. You'll be able to put the statement paper, already three-hole-punched, into a binder for easy storage and access. It's a picture perfect way to keep your financial records in order and will make balancing and account research easier too. As an added convenience you will be able to access the front and back of your check and deposit images online via Internet Banking for up to 45 days after your statement is produced.

I hope you enjoy these new enhancements to our service. Through new technologies, we are always striving to give our customers added convenience. At the same time, we will continue to offer customers the face-to-face, personalized service we've been providing at our branches for over 85 years. If you have any questions about these enhancements, please call your banker or stop by one of our offices!

Steve Erdall
President and CEO

Item Imaging Overview

Western Bank is always searching for new services that will make banking easier and more convenient for you. We are excited to introduce our latest enhancement to checking accounts - Item Imaging. You'll experience easier reconciliation, faster research, improved organization and storage, as well as enhanced service. These new imaged checks and deposit slips will appear in your November statement. An example of what these images will look like is attached.

What is Item Imaging?
Item imaging is a technological change to traditional check processing. As checks and deposit slips are processed, they are photographed and the digital images are stored in our computer. We use these images to create your statements, as well as to store the items in history for your potential future needs. The digital image is a sophisticated, crystal clear, permanent copy of the check or deposit that is protected from alteration or damage.

Benefits to You

  • Organized for Faster Research
    The greatest benefit of image statements is that you will no longer have to sort through a hodge-podge of cancelled checks while balancing your account each month.

    Finding a specific check is quick and easy because multiple check images appear on a standard sheet of paper that is sorted in order by check number. The amount for which the transaction posted, and the check number, will be printed below each item on the page for easy reading.

  • Improved Storage
    Eliminate the clutter of stored paid checks and the tedious task of filing these checks. With item imaging storage is simplified because each 8 ? x 11" page that you receive with your statement is pre-punched for easy insertion into a 3-ring binder. No more searching for misplaced checks or sorting through envelopes or boxes of past checks and statements.

    As an added convenience, like your statements, you will soon be able to access the front and back of your check and deposit images online via Internet Banking. Please note that while Western Bank will maintain item images for years in case you have a need that arises, your check and deposit images will only be kept in your Internet Banking online history for 45 days. Your text statements, however, are maintained in your Internet Banking online history indefinitely.

  • Easy to Read and Legitimate
    The legitimacy of the imaged checks is not in question; they have long been established as proof of payment and they are easier to read than photocopies and microfiche.

  • Enhanced Service
    The process of retrieving information to assist you when you have questions or need an item researched is now much more efficient with this new technology. We can answer your questions or provide you with copies of the front and back of items in a matter of seconds, not hours or days, because we will not need to wait for staff to go through manual records to produce the paper item for review. You will also enjoy quick reconstruction of any lost item. A copy of both sides of any item can be mailed, emailed or faxed to you almost immediately.

    Many financial institutions don't send checks or images of checks back with customers' statements at all. We know that many of our customers want items back, however, and we believe that this enhanced service will meet your needs nicely.

We appreciate your business and hope that you enjoy this enhancement to your checking account. If you have any questions please contact customer service at 651-290-8176 or 1-800-219-9894.

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