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March 2012: Introducing Western Bank's new PIN-secured debit card feature!

You've always used your debit card to sign for purchases. Now you can also use your debit card by entering your PIN to pay for what you need. You can even get cash back from participating merchants when you use your card and your PIN. By getting cash back on the spot from participating merchants, you can avoid a separate trip to the ATM and carrying excess cash - saving you time and keeping you more secure!

Cash back, added security, convenience, and reduced check-out time are just some of the reasons why consumers may prefer using a PIN over signing a receipt when making purchases.

PIN-secured Debit Facts
- No signature required
- The trusted security of using a PIN
- No need to provide additional identification
- Ability to obtain cash back at participating retail locations
- Easy to carry little or no cash

The Difference
Signing for purchases:
Signature debit requires you to sign a sales receipt to authorize the transaction when you make a purchase. Your funds aren't deducted until the merchant's receipts are settled, similar to a credit card transaction, but using your bank account instead of credit.

Using your PIN to pay:
With PIN-secured debit, you provide your PIN the same way you would to withdraw cash at an ATM. PIN-secured debit also allows you to get cash back at participating locations and the amount of the purchase is deducted from your account immediately.

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