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Other Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Banking FAQs.

What is the difference between mobile banking and online banking?

Similar to your desk top computer, mobile banking gives you the ability to access Online Banking from your mobile device if it has access to the Internet and allows SSL communication (access to https:// sites). However, with mobile banking you have the added convenience of accessing Online Banking from anywhere, at any time, quickly and easily.

Is mobile banking as secure as Online Banking?

Mobile banking offers many of the same security features and protections as Online Banking from your desk top computer. Including:

  • Password protection with your existing Online Banking user ID and password
  • Transaction authorization using Secure Access Codes
  • Dual controls
  • Risk & fraud analytics
  • Security alerts
  • Automatic session timeouts after inactivity.

Is my personal or financial information stored on my phone?

No. Mobile banking does not save any files with personal or financial information on your mobile device. That information stays strictly within Online Banking. You should avoid storing sensitive information like passwords, bank account information, or a social security number on your mobile device as well.

Which accounts can I access using mobile banking?

You can access any account you have set up in Online Banking.

Can I add more than one mobile phone or device?

Yes. You can establish several mobile devices for Mobile Banking.

What if I get locked out of mobile banking?

Please contact Customer Service at 651-290-8176 and they will re-enable it for you. If you are locked out of mobile banking you can still access Online Banking from your desktop computer.

What if I am locked out of Online Banking?

You can still access your mobile banking. Contact Customer Service at 651-290-8176 for resetting your Online Banking.

What if my phone is lost or stolen?

In the unfortunate event that your mobile phone/device is either lost or stolen, report it immediately to your mobile service provider. Then, you should immediately log in to your Online Banking, click on “Security” and “Secure Delivery” and update/delete the number for your mobile device. You can also alert Western Bank’s Customer Service at 651-290-8176 for further assistance or to keep an eye on your accounts for a period of time.

How do I deactivate mobile banking on my phone?

If you need to deactivate mobile banking on a specific device you will need to remove the contents of the bank’s mobile applications from your device. Please review your device’s operating system setting for removing applications. If you want to deactivate mobile banking services for all devices, Contact Customer Service at 651-290-8176.

Who do I contact with security or mobile banking questions or issues?

Please contact customer service at 651-290-8176 or via our online form.


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