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Accessing Mobile Banking

Online banking from the convenience of your mobile device.

  1. From your computer, log in to Online Banking and select “Mobile” under “Preferences”.

  2. On the “Mobile Enrollment” tab, click the check box next to “Yes, enable my User ID and Password for use on my mobile device.”

  3. From the “Mobile Authorizations” tab enter a unique 4-digit Mobile Authorization Code (MAC) used to authorize transactions using mobile banking.

  4. For Android & Apple Users:
    a. Locate the App Store on your mobile device
    b. Click on the Western Bank Mobile App in the App Store
    c. Download the free Western Bank app to your mobile device
    d. Open the Western Bank Mobile App
    e. Log in using your Online Banking login ID and password


To Access Via Your Mobile Web Browser:
If you want to access mobile banking through your mobile web browser simply complete the first three steps above, then enter your email address and click “send” to have the link to the mobile site sent to you via email.

Note: You must currently have Online Banking with Western Bank to access mobile banking. If you do not currently have an Online Banking account visit www.western-bank.com for enrollment options or contact Western Bank’s Customer Service at 651-290-8176, customerservice@western-bank.com or via our online form.