Western Bank
  Business Cash Management

Whether your company is large or small, in one facility or many, Western Bank can show you how to preserve and manage cash flow.  Harness fast and flexible technology-driven solutions to capitalize on your liquid assets.  Our bankers will review your needs and recommend the best products to fit your business.

Cash Management Services
ACH Origination
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  • Send and receive payments electronically through an automated clearinghouse.
  • Support direct deposit of payroll
  • Automate recurring receivable payments
  • Save time and money with reduced administrative burden
On-Site Business Deposits
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Make daily business deposits by scanning checks directly from your place of business and transmitting them electronically to the bank.

  • Accelerate settlement of deposits
  • Eliminate many of the costs and risks of physically transporting checks
  • Reduce fraud and improve collection of your deposits
  • Download a variety of standard formats to interface with your accounts receivable ledger
  • No expensive software required
Letters of Credit
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Financial and standby letters of credit are available.

Wire Transfers
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Transfer funds safely and securely.

  • Outgoing wire transfers from your business
  • Frequent wire transfers are easier with Western Internet Banking
Loan and Deposit Sweep
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Set a target balance in your Western Business Checking account and let us handle the rest.

  • Decide where you want to have your money settle at the end of every day and Western will sweep excess balances accordingly.
  • Reduce or advance your loan balance to manage your checking account balance
  • Save time by allowing the bank to direct the movement of funds
Zero Balance Accounts
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Manage a set of business accounts and consolidate your daily balances to an identified account.

  • Funds flow to and from a designated parent account providing funding or consolidating balances at the end of each business day to other related accounts.
  • Save time by allowing the bank to direct the movement of funds
Western Information Services
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Request statements and images of your checks online or on a CD-ROM.

  • Saves time and allows easy reference
  • Simplifies account reconciliation

Business Internet Banking

Manage your business accounts and conduct transactions from the convenience of your desktop.

  • Intra day balances
  • Stop payments
  • Initiate ACH Activity
  • Wire transfers
  • Loan payments and draws
  • Check images
  • View loan and deposit sweep activity from affiliated accounts